Total quality processing and services offered

CEREALVENETA has been working in the agro-industrial business for more than twenty years, producing flours and semifinished products obtained from cereals, pulses, special and minor seeds, brans and germs.

Our product list contains more than 300 references, obtained from special processes going from pre-steaming and flaking, drying and dehydration, dry toasting and stabilization, to grinding to different particle size, even micronization. Other processes executed are grains and seeds cleaning by brushing and ventilation, crushing, calibration, sieving, mixing and manufacturing with final control at the metal detector. The company , with the use of advanced and specific technology, can propose and produce a wide variety of particular semi-finished products, intended for all companies involved in the food sector. This thanks to a continuous research and development of new products and innovative technologies, conducted internally through pilot plants and rigorous laboratory analysis.

At CEREALVENETA we use low heat and cool temperatures to condition the products in nearly every working process.

CEREALVENETA offers conventional, organic, gluten free, with low glycaemic index and load, low carb products, with dedicated lines and separated warehouses.

All our products are suitable to develop finished products with a functional quality for the Mediterranean diet.

These products are particularly suitable to prepare pre-mixtures and ready-to-use mixes, for every alimentary sector. They are useful to create enriched and innovative food, as the market requires today.

Our flours, brans, germs and semifinished products reach those beneficial and functional standards necessary to indicate specific claims on the label. CEREALVENETA products have an elevated sanitization level due to the special thermal treatment used, that raises the shelf-life of the final products in which they are inserted.

Some of these products have technological, functional features, perfect to operate as stabilizers, emulsifiers and structuring agents in mixtures, giving better quality and texture to the final products without adding other substances.

CEREALVENETA produces raw materials and semifinished goods customized to satisfy the specific physical and organoleptic features required by the clients.

Our company puts the experience of the research and development team at your service as a technical and devising support to create new products. The cooperation with university structures and qualified partners, furthermore the support of technical tests and laboratory analysis reduces the time necessary to put new products on the market..

Interested firms can ask for product lists, samples and specifications of the products. We are available to come to you, get to know each other and verify the possibilities of collaboration. Besides, we would be happy to invite you to come to CEREALVENETA and show you our dynamic reality.