CEREALVENETA has worked for over 25 years in the food sector, producing flours and semi-processed products obtained by processing cereals, legumes, special seeds, minor seeds, brans and germ.

The company is the result of a great passion for natural products, shared by the two founders Vanna and Livio right from the very start of their business.

Their personal values served to boost the search for health foods, leading the company to open up their conventional food range to products that can be organic, gluten-free, proteic, whole, with low glycemic index and load, low carb etc.

All this has driven CEREALVENETA in their constant and innovative technological developments, such as bio-mechanical cleaning of raw materials, low temperature heat treatments, criogenic milling and many others. The special processes ensure the superior quality of the semi-processed products offered by CEREALVENETA, making this company a preferred partner for major food groups, constantly seeking products treated “with the utmost care”.

The continuously improving results have led the company to make significant structural investments, moving in 2012 to new state-of-the-art facilities set in the heart of the Veneto countryside.