What is the current situation regarding wholemeal?

With the entry into force of the new EU food labelling regulation, which was partially implemented in December 2014 and the remainder in December 2016, further information is required to be included in foodstuff labels where wholemeal flours are present.

Companies that use these special blends are asked to use flours containing either the by-product of whole milled seeds or a semi-finished product in which the three fractions of proportional quantities: FLOUR, BRAN and GERM. This rule may apply to all seed varieties. Many European states already apply this rule in wholemeal food production, others are adapting to these new regulations with internal rules.

What does CerealVeneta offer?

CerealVeneta offers new products that meet the needs of the present market as well those of the future market:

1. Cryomilled flour 100% soft wholemeal flour*

2. Cryomilled flour 100% stabilized soft wholemeal flour*

3. 82% Soft wheat flour* “0” + 18 % regular, stabilized or toasted bran

4. 80% Soft wheat flour* “0” + 18 % regular, stabilized or toasted bran + 2% regular, stabilized or toasted germ  

*W value on request

The most important variants of these products are SHELF-LIFE and storage method, storage and usage modes that vary considerably depending on whether native or thermo-treated components (bran and germ) are used.

These semi-finished products are produced through the use new equipment qualified for mixing and homogenizing components, delivered in bags, big bags and tanks.