Quality Guarantee

  • CEREALVENETA has received the certification FSSC 22000 version 4.1.
    Technical specifications and further information about all our products are available upon request.
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  • Gluten free products according to REG. UE 828/2014

  • CEREALVENETA produces organic foods, in accordance with Reg. CE 834/2007, verified by ABCert S.r.l. IT BIO 013 VE-00877-B
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  • Trade Mark: Low Glycemic Index and Load Products.

  • CEREALVENETA processes Wheat KAMUT khorasan, in accordance with Reg. CE 834/2007 and CE 889/2008.

  • Kosher certified
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Constant improvements are prioritised by the company, and are reflected in the quality of their external work, conveying a sense of reliability and guarantee of business relations.
Close collaboration with clients and suppliers, translated as a reciprocal faithful and uninterrupted exchange of information enables the creation of a network of partners to guarantee more rapid innovations and better responses to new demands on the market.
The combination of these two "values" supported by the use of state-of-the-art production systems designed in-house, based on decades of experience, has meant that CerealVeneta has the skills to meet client demands from 5 viewpoints:

CEREALVENETA is organized with the management system certificate ISO 22000: 2005

This enables companies to have not just a supplier, but a partner, a guarantee for existing customers and for those who wish to undertake with us a commercial relationship lasting.